La traviata – Napoli 2021

“Germont is a father worried about his children’s future, he is not evil”, George Gagnidze has stated, and thus the excellent Georgian baritone, after an imperious entrance, gave life to a character with a constantly flexible, present and well projected vocality.”
Dario Ascoli, Il corriere del mezzogiorno

“George Gagnidze creates a perfidious and sneering Germont, relying not so much on volume as on giving life to a well-defined character’s personality and on an authoritative vocal stage presence.”
Stefano Valanzuolo, Il Mattino

“Among the leads on the other hand George Gagnidze (Giorgio) sang all the performances, and he was among the most applauded”
Paolo Popoli, La Repubblica

“George Gagnidze, gifted with a quite interesting color, sings with incisive vigor and ardor. His Germont is polychrome, precise and rich with chiaroscuros; in the second act, in particular, he stands out as the protagonist.”
Teresa Mori, Roma

“In this intimate version, the figure of Germont père (George Germont acquires even more depth, as he displays a truly paternal image, able to comprehend the pain he has caused. The cammeo of his aria “Di Provenza il mare il suol” was magnificently performed by the Georgian baritone”
Maridì Vecedomini, Il /

George Gagnidze, a Georgian baritone already much appreciated at the San Carlo, lends his excellent voice to Giorgio Germont: excellent vocal material (…) he masters with self-assuredness the musical writing, displaying a wonderful legato as well as a constantly adequate volume. He is a father less authoritarian than authoritative, gentlemanly, restrained in his interpretation and elegant in his ligne du chant. The best one out of the three leads.”
Luigi Raso, L’ape musicale

“As a guarantee of a high quality Germont père, baritone George Gagnidze completed the trio on the front line, displaying an austere noble and rich timbre within a firm style and impeccable pitch. His chemistry with Pérez throughout the eight different sections of the duet was magnificent, and his grand aria “Di Provenza il suol”, with its uncut – and rightly so – cabaletta was richly nuanced.”
Paola De Simone, Connessi all’opera

“With a robust vocality and good acting skills, baritone George Gagnidze adopted a nearly “declamatory” and threatening style giving a dramatic quality to the rests between syllables. He approaches with a sort of heavy sentimentalism the aria “Di Provenza, il mare il suol”, shows Germont’s ability in dissimulating hypocrisy. And this happens also when, in the finale of the opera, Germont truly “seems” a remorseful man.”
Nicola Prisco, GBOpera

“In this special intimate version, even more depth is acquired by the figure of Germont père, who stands out hieratically as well as truly fatherly, capable of understanding the pain he has caused. The cammeo of his aria “Di Provenza il mare, il suol” is a true oasis of serenity amidst the lacerating passions, and is magnificently performed by the Georgian baritone.”
Vesuvio Live

“Baritone George Gagnidze’s performance as Giorgio Germont was particularly intense”
Pino Cotarelli, Teatro Cult News

“As it often happens, Germont père was the most applauded; his part was here entrusted to the Georgian baritone George Gagnidze, already well-known in Naples for his eager Alfio in the last runs of Cavalleria. Verdi roles are something different altogether, but I would say he got by even better. Thundering and round voice, well amplifies in the posterior cavities, reliable and secure emission, homogeneous vocal range, beautiful legato and good pronunciation: a surprising performance.”
Memorie dal loggione





George Gagnidze a Macbeth of “round, harmonically rich vocality” in Bologna

“With Verdi, the Georgian baritone gets along fully: Rigoletto, Nabucco, Miller, Simone are also among his signature roles. He takes on the multifaceted figure of the usurping monarch with a round, harmonically rich vocality, naturally wide-ranged and generous -- at times even almost overflowing -- but well controlled…” Gilberto Mion, Teatro about George Gagnidze's portrayal of Macbeth at the Teatro Comunale of Bologna, April 2024.




Interview with GBOpera

George Gagnidze was interviewed by GBOpera. Among the many topics he spoke with Giorgio Bagnoli are his return to Italy, his debut at the Teatro Comunale of Bologna, and the role he is singing there, Verdi's Macbeth.




George Gagnidze “delivers a magnificent Scarpia” in Las Palmas

George Gagnidze just brought his celebrated portrayal of Scarpia in Tosca to the Las Palmas Opera in Gran Canaria. Here below you will find a couple of reviews:




“George Gagnidze excelled” as Nabucco in Live in HD from the MET

Reviews are out for the Live in HD performance of Nabucco from the Metropolitan Opera starring George Gagnidze in the title role:




Cover interview with Sinfónica

George Gagnidze is on the cover of the January issue of the Uruguayan magazine Sinfónica. In the interview, he speaks about his career, the current run of Nabucco at the Metropolitan Opera and much more.