Aida – Teatro Alla Scala 2018

“… the best performance of the evening was George Gagnidze’s, a vigorous Amonasro.”

Giovanni Gavazzeni, Il Giornale


“ The Amonasro of George Gagnizde has a ringing voice (…)”

Fabio Vittorini, Il Manifesto


“George Gagnidze is an Amonasro with a ligne du chant always correct and well produced; the volume is sufficient (…) there is elegance in his voice production and the figure of king and father emerging from his portrayal is completely credible.”

Simone Manfredini, Operaclick


“The most complete (concerning voice and interpretation) I would say was George Gagnidze, a very satisfying Ethiopian king.”

Carla Maria Casanova, Lo Spettacoliere


“George Gagnidze is an Amonasro with an elegant ligne de chant.”

Claudio Poloni,


“Incivise on the contrary was the Amonasro of George Gagnidze, with his large and homogenous voice, secure high notes and good interpretative approach.”

Fabio Larovere, Connessi all’Opera


“George Gagnidze exuded authority as the dignified Amonasro.”

James Imam,


“…while George Gagnized delivered a vibrant, authoritative and measured Amonasro.”

Davide Annachini,


“Very much liked was the powerful Amonasro of Georgian baritone George Gagnidze, imposing both vocally and physically.”

Andrea Merli, I teatri dell’Est


“George Gagnidze is a worthy Amonasro both in the second act finale and particularly in the duet with his daughter in describing the tragic conditions of Ethiopia. Powerful but always on pitch.”

Fabio Tranchida, Il trillo parlante


“The two kings – especially the Nubian, performed by George Gagnidze– did well, the Nubian king was convincing when he tried to get Aida to get Radames to give up military secrets.”

Joe’s Concert Reviews


“More might of the old days in the Amonasro of George Gagnidze, certainly more authoritative king – with its sturdy vocal production – than loving father in the congenital manner of our own baritones.”

Francesco Lora, L’ape musicale




George Gagnidze a Macbeth of “round, harmonically rich vocality” in Bologna

“With Verdi, the Georgian baritone gets along fully: Rigoletto, Nabucco, Miller, Simone are also among his signature roles. He takes on the multifaceted figure of the usurping monarch with a round, harmonically rich vocality, naturally wide-ranged and generous -- at times even almost overflowing -- but well controlled…” Gilberto Mion, Teatro about George Gagnidze's portrayal of Macbeth at the Teatro Comunale of Bologna, April 2024.




Interview with GBOpera

George Gagnidze was interviewed by GBOpera. Among the many topics he spoke with Giorgio Bagnoli are his return to Italy, his debut at the Teatro Comunale of Bologna, and the role he is singing there, Verdi's Macbeth.




George Gagnidze “delivers a magnificent Scarpia” in Las Palmas

George Gagnidze just brought his celebrated portrayal of Scarpia in Tosca to the Las Palmas Opera in Gran Canaria. Here below you will find a couple of reviews:




“George Gagnidze excelled” as Nabucco in Live in HD from the MET

Reviews are out for the Live in HD performance of Nabucco from the Metropolitan Opera starring George Gagnidze in the title role:




Cover interview with Sinfónica

George Gagnidze is on the cover of the January issue of the Uruguayan magazine Sinfónica. In the interview, he speaks about his career, the current run of Nabucco at the Metropolitan Opera and much more.