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Tosca - New York 2022

“... a highly satisfactory Scarpia.” 

David Shengold, Gay City News 


"The Tbilisi baritone George Gagnidze was again Scarpia. With a clear, manly and well-supported sound, Gagnidze successfully explores the most primitive drives of the infamous character. ... it is always a joy to enjoy the Georgian on stage at the Met.“ 

Carlos Javier López Sánchez, Opera World 

11.2022 The Metropolitan Opera
Tosca - New York 2022

Rigoletto - Dallas 2022

"The Georgian baritone George Gagnidze, today one of the most appreciated Rigolettos in the world, is simply a wonderful choice. He possesses a beautiful capacity for timbral differentiation, is an excellent actor, and his Italian pronunciation is perfect. With his physical stamina, well needed for a character singing more than 55 minutes practically without interruption in the first act only, not to mention the remaining two Acts, Mr. Gagnidze is a dream singer for any opera house."

Giorgio Koukl, EarRelevant 


"On the job as court jester with a Bozo nose, George Gagnidze gives Rigoletto well-seasoned baritone riches." 

Scott Cantrell, The Dallas Morning News

10.2022 The Dallas Opera
Rigoletto - Dallas 2022

La traviata - Napoli 2022

“ Regarding Gagnidze’s Germont, it must be said that the Georgian baritone is a purebred whose victory is a safe bet: a burnished timbre, well dosed phrasing, expression and just a little bit of excessive volume, because of his much bigger vocal power compared to his excellent colleagues.“ 

Dario Ascoli, Corriere del mezzogiorno


“… Here [in "Di Provenza"] Gagnidze manages to find good sonorities in portraying the loving father he wants to appear.” 

Lorenzo Fiorito, Musica

07.2022 Teatro San Carlo
La traviata - Napoli 2022

Nabucco - Madrid 2022

“George Gagnidze is an impressive baritone. The voice (…) has brilliance and is skillfully handled in search of varied sonorities, finding expressive chiaroscuros thanks to a changing facial technique that helps it boost the sound in different degrees and colorations, which helps to highlight the character’s most marked traits, wrapped in very different lights. A gifted baritone , who must be applauded (…).”
Arturo Reverter, La Razón

07.2022 Teatro Real
Nabucco - Madrid 2022

Aida - Los Angeles 2022

“A cast of stellar singers inhabited the remaining roles. George Gagnidze was a virile and single-minded Amonasro.”   

Jane Rosenberg, Seen and Heard International    


“... George Gagnidze’s fiery Amonasro,…"    

Truman Wang, Classical Voice 

06.2022 LA Opera
Aida - Los Angeles 2022

Tosca - Napoli 2022

“a convincing George Gagnidze as Scarpia” 

“...the more than convincing interpretation of Georgian baritone George Gagnidze, with a dark-hued timbre and a voice always soaring across the orchestra.” 

Dario Ascoli, Il Corriere del Mezzogiorno 


“Remarkable vocal means, imposing stage presence...” 

Sandro Compagnone, La Repubblica 

04.2022 Teatro San Carlo
Tosca - Napoli 2022

Tosca - New York 2021

‚ÄúGagnidze¬†held his own as Scarpia, conveying the character‚Äôs malevolence but also his aristocratic disdain.‚Ä̬†¬†

Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times  


‚ÄúThe Scarpia was Georgian baritone George¬†Gagnidze, returning in a role he‚Äôs sung nearly thirty times at the Met.¬†Gagnidze¬†was the production‚Äôs reliable anchor, offering little in the way of surprises, but always fully committed to the character, singing it with the perfect combination of snarl, beauty and finesse.‚Ä̬†¬†

Steven Jude Tietjen, Opera News 


12.2021 The Metropolitan Opera
Tosca - New York 2021

La traviata - Napoli 2021

“Germont is a father worried about his children’s future, he is not evil”, George Gagnidze has stated, and thus the excellent Georgian baritone, after an imperious entrance, gave life to a character with a constantly flexible, present and well projected vocality.” 

Dario Ascoli, Corriere del Mezzogiorno

05.2021 Teatro San Carlo
La traviata - Napoli 2021

La traviata - Barcelona 2020

“Her (Mkhitaryan’s) triumph in front of a no less enthusiastic audience was matched by the one received by Georgian baritone George Gagnidze, lately very active in the currently silenced New York Met, who made a Germont père of great vocal authority and perfect accent.” 

Marcelo Cervelló, Opera Áctual

12.2020 Gran Teatre del Liceu
La traviata - Barcelona 2020

La Gioconda - Berlin

"... in the duet "Enzo Grimaldo, principe di Santifor", with which he [Joseph Calleja] together with George Gagnidze led the evening to a first highlight. Thanks to a mighty baritone voice, the Georgian singer dominated with his noble timbre every single scene in which he took part anyway, and gave the dramaturgically rather undeveloped role of Barnaba the malignity and elegance of a Scarpia." 

Ursula Ehrensberger, Das Opernglas 

09.2020 Deutsche Oper Berlin
La Gioconda - Berlin

Otello - Washington

In his WNO debut, the baritone George Gagnidze was a commanding presence both musically and dramatically, whose performance helps one understand why Verdi and Boito initially planned to call their opera Iago. From the frantic energy of the Act I drinking song, to his shattering interpretation of the iconic “Credo,” to the calculated guile of his conversations with Otello, Gagnidze was everything that one could have hoped for in this most complex of Shakespearean villains.
Richard Giarusso, DC Theatre Scene

10.2019 Washington National Opera
Otello - Washington

Nabucco - Berlin 2019

“With George Gagnidze, the Deutsche Oper Berlin engaged one of today's best Nabuccos. With his pleasantly coloured baritone voice of perfect symmetry, powerful in the forte passages while completely unchallenged in the mezza voce, with a glorious flow in the prayer scene he was a worthy exponent of this role.”

Ingrid Wanja, Der Opernfreund

10.2019 Deutsche Oper Berlin
Nabucco - Berlin 2019

Cavalleria rusticana - Napoli 2019

"Most commendable was also the performance of the excellent baritone George Gagnidze, a flawless Alfio for pitch, volume and stage arrogance...”

Paola De Simone, Connessi all'opera


“He ends up being killed in a duel by Alfio, sung by George Gagnidze, whose passionate and impetuous baritone has a considerable extension.”

Lorenzo Fiorito,

07.2019 Teatro San Carlo
Cavalleria rusticana - Napoli 2019

Rigoletto - Metropolitan Opera 2019

“As Rigoletto, George Gagnidze again demonstrated why he is in the top rank of current baritones. He captured all of the hunchback/comic’s mood swings, from his bitter humor toward Monterone to his tender duet with his daughter, to his rage at the courtiers who kidnapped her.”

Barry Bassis, TheaterScene


“Rounding out this trio, George Gagnidze sang wisely. As Rigoletto, he went more for grace and polish ... It was well considered. The result was an elegant performance….”

Patrick Clement James, Parterre

04.2019 New York
Rigoletto - Metropolitan Opera 2019

Otello - Opéra Bastille 2019

“The French tenor had a stupendous partner in the baritone George Gagnidze, who had the part of Iago and interpreted it with vocal excellence, with an ample range of expression and he brought out the text extraordinarily. I am  tempted to say that without doubt this is the best I have heard Gagnidze to date.”

Alejandro Martínez, Platea Magazine 


“George Gagnidze makes a solid Jago, always fair and expressive... [H]e knows how to raise the sound level when the score requires it, launching a thunderous credo…. "

Tristan Labouret, Bachtrack



03.2019 Paris
Otello - Opéra Bastille 2019

Il tabarro - Metropolitan Opera 2018

“Celebrating the centennial of the work’s world premiere, at the Met on Dec. 14, 1918, this was a very fine “Trittico,” particularly the disconsolate “Il Tabarro,” inflamed by Amber Wagner’s big, creamy soprano, Marcelo Álvarez’s effusive tenor, and George Gagnidze’s grim, moody baritone”

Zachary Woolfe, The New York Times


“About the only excitement was sparked by soprano Amber Wagner and baritone George Gagnidze as the miserably married Giorgetta and Michele. These two, plus Blythe, were the only singers who mustered the wallop that only king-sized voices can deliver in a huge theater like the Met.”

James Jorden, Observer

12.2018 New York
Il tabarro - Metropolitan Opera 2018

La traviata - Paris Opera 2018

“It seemed like the role of Germont père was written for the Georgian George Gagnidze. Just like the role requires one could throughoutly enjoy noble Verdi singing after his fierce entrance scene."

Sieglinde Pfabigan, Der Neue Merker


“Already at the beginning of the second act, Kurzak and baritone George Gagnidze, in the role of Giorgio Germont, were heavily acclaimed by the audience with sceams of "Bravi!"... (...)

It was thus the voices that raised the audience at the end of the performance, with reruns until October 26 and again between December 11 and 19, to thank Kurzak, Gagnidze and Jean-François Borras (Alfredo Germont), the sensitivity with which they embodied their characters.”

EFE, La Vanguardia

11.2018 Opéra Bastille
La traviata - Paris Opera 2018

Otello - LA Phil at Hollywood Bowl 2018

“Baritone George Gagnidze gave the finest singing as Iago, more sardonic than demonic perhaps, but always dramatic and true to character – a singer-actor with exemplary diction and fluid belcanto style. A huge man with a huge voice, Gagnidze was the only singer in the cast who actually tried to sound small and nimble.”

Truman C. Wang, Classical Voice


“Throughout the performance Gagnidze took delight in spinning his sinister plots, planting seeds of jealousy and mistrust, and serving the evil god he worships. His duets with Thomas, particularly the rousing Act III climax, were memorable.”

Jim Farber, San Francisco Classical Voice

07.2018 Hollywood Bowl
Otello - LA Phil at Hollywood Bowl 2018

La Gioconda - Deutsche Oper Berlin 2018

"... eine ganz große Sängershow mit jeder Menge zündenden Nummern. Für die jetzt genau die richtigen Riesenstimmen versammelt sind: Hui He und Daniela Barcellona liefern sich ebenso packende Vokalduelle wie Alfred Kim und George Gagnidze."

Frederik Hanssen, Tagesspiegel


"Dem Verführer und Spion Barnaba (schwarzes Wams, Spitzenkragen) leiht George Gagnidze seinen kantigen Bariton. Gagnidze ist mit herrischer Ausstrahlung präsent.”

Konzert Opernkritik Berlin

07.2018 Deutsche Oper Berlin
La Gioconda - Deutsche Oper Berlin 2018

Aida - Teatro alla Scala 2018

“... the best performance of the evening was George Gagnidze's, a vigorous Amonasro.”

Giovanni Gavazzeni, Il Giornale


“ The Amonasro of George Gagnizde has a ringing voice (...)”

Fabio Vittorini, Il Manifesto


“George Gagnidze is an Amonasro with a ligne du chant always correct and well produced; the volume is sufficient (…) there is elegance in his voice production and the figure of king and father emerging from his portrayal is completely credible.”

Simone Manfredini, Operaclick


“The most complete (concerning voice and interpretation) I would say was George Gagnidze, a very satisfying Ethiopian king.”

Carla Maria Casanova, Lo Spettacoliere

05.2018 Teatro alla Scala

Aida - Teatro Real Madrid 2018

"Gagnidze ... displayed his attractive baritone color, robust and firm, with well placed high notes and a convincing expression”

Arturo Reverter, La Razon


"More uniform was the interpretation of Liudmila Monastyrska, whom the audience greeted with warmth and applause at the end of her duets and arias... The same happened for George Gagnidze as Amonasro."

Europa Press


"A vengeful Amonasro, George Gagnize let the metal sound of his voice ring out, perpetuating the memory of the great interpreters ofthe role."

Nicolas Grienenberger, Classique News

03.2018 Teatro Real

Cavalleria rusticana / Pagliacci - Metropolitan Opera 2018

"The brooding George Gagnidze sings compactly and well in both operas…”

Zachary Woolfe, NY Times


“George Gagnidze’s forthright, robust articulation of Alfio, and Rihab Chaieb’s shimmery-voiced Lola provide the apposite oppositional timbre.”

Xenia Hanusiak, Financial Times


“George Gagnidze was an ideal Alfio, with the sort of meaty baritone that can bark out the teamster song without sacrificing tone.”

Eric C. Simpson, New York Classical Review

01.2018 Metropolitan Opera
New York

Cavalleria rusticana / Pagliacci - Hamburg 2017

„Die beiden Männer dieses Bauern-Dramas sind ja nicht gerade Sympathieträger: Beide sind sie Machos, der eine mit Hang zur Brutalität (Alfio), der andere leicht cholerisch und testosterongesteuert. Doch beide bekamen vom Komponisten Mascagni dankbare Partien in die Kehle gelegt - der Bariton George Gagnidze als Alfio und der Tenor Teodor Ilincai als Turridu liessen keine Wünsche offen.

George Gagnidze war mit seinem ausgezeichnet fokussierten, kernig und viril klingenden Bariton eine Idealbesetzung für den Alfio, besser geht kaum. 

10.2017 Staatsoper Hamburg

Khovanshchina - BBC Prroms 2017

Among the plotting nobles George Gagnidze’s Shaklovity stood out...”

Barry Millington, Evening Standard


“There wasn’t a weak link in the cast...George Gagnidze’s Shaklovity had all the cunning of the born survivor.”

Tim Ashley, The Guardian


“... George Gadnidze a forceful Shaklovity in his rousing paean to his homeland Russia.”
Richard Fairman, Financial Times

08.2017 Royal Albert Hall

Nabucco - Arena di Verona 2017

“This Nabucco production was also important for the international cast: in the title role George Gagnidze, Georgian baritone internationally considered one of the best interpreters due to his wide vocal range, who had performed in Arena six years ago in La traviata. On the eve of the premiere Gagnidze had stated his wish to interpret Nabucco (coiffed and costumed as Franz Joseph) as a strong, authoritative and “powerful” ma, a promise he did not betray.”

Davide Orsato, Corriere del Veneto

06.2017 Arena

Aida - Metropolitan Opera 2017

​"From Scarpia to Tonio, George Gagnidze has been called upon to play a number of memorable antagonists on the Met’s stage. His robust, fine-grained baritone was in top form on Thursday and he brought unusual depth to the Ethiopian King Amonasro, avoiding common the temptation to play him as a skulking schemer."

Eric C. Simpson, New York Classical Review


"George Gagnidze ... singing with force. "

Robert Levine,

04.2017 MET
New York

Aida - San Francisco 2016

"Baritone George Gagnidze brought steely determination and a muscular voice to Aida’s father Amonasro, king of Ethiopia, who falls a captive of the Egyptians upon his army’s defeat. His Act 3 duet with Crocetto, when he convinces her to obtain strategic war information from Radames for the sake of Ethiopia, was especially moving."

James Ambroff- Tahan, The San Francisco Examiner



“Baritone George Gagnidze was a virile, forceful presence as Aida’s father, Amonasro”

Georgia Rowe, The Mercury News (and East Bay Times)

11.2016 War Memorial Opera House
San Francisco

Andrea Chénier - San Francisco 2016

"The performance’s greatest vocal thrills were supplied by Georgian baritone George Gagnidze, whose Gérard blended seething fury and pathos in equal measure.  His pivotal aria, “Nemico della patria,” sung with superior diction and palpable emotion, represented the evening’s pinnacle of dramatic power."

Georgia Rowe, Opera News


“But baritone George Gagnidze as the footman-turned-rebel Carlo Gérard, the third member of the romantically linked trio, made the strongest impression. Gérard serves at the court of Maddalena’s mother and has longed for her since he was young man, but though he finds out that her affections have settled upon Chénier, he manages to set aside his jealousy in the interest of justice. Gagnidze was compelling in an ultimately sympathetic role, and his big, rich voice flowed throughout the house, most effectively in his arresting Act 3 aria “Nemico della patria.”

James Ambroff-Tahan, The San Francisco Examiner


09.2016 War Memorial Opera House
San Francisco

Rigoletto - Berlin 2016

"Der Bariton George Gadnidze singt die Rigoletto-Arie im zweiten Akt („Cortigiani, vil razza dannata“) wunderschön ausdrucksstark. Gagnidze ist ein echter Verdi-Bariton mit subtiler Pianokultur und sicher geführten Ausbrüchen. Das toppt er dann noch im Finale: Mit den Worten „la maledizione / der Fluch“ endet eine hervorragende Vorstellung."

Andreas Schmidt, Klassik begeistert

06.2016 Deutsche Oper

Aida - Paris 2016

“Dans le rôle pourtant bref d'Amonasro, George Gagnidze déploie une force animale à laquelle nul ne saurait résister. La voix est solide, projetée, égale d'un extrême à l'autre mais ce n'est pas tant l'instrument qui épate que l’engagement avec lequel ce père abusif se jette dans la mêlée vocale et orchestrale.”

Christophe Rizoud, Forum Opera


"… [le] superbe Amonasro de George Gagnidze, chaud dans la voix et dans les jeux d’intimité avec sa fille."

Vincent Guillemin, Altamusica

06.2016 Opéra Bastille

Tosca - Berlin 2016

“In the role of the main antagonist Scarpia we heard George Gagnidze who has a powerful dark voice with a very heroic but also elegant timbre. His performance was so convincing because of his good acting skills and a really thrilling performance full of emotion. During the second act his sadistic nature was really obvious but also the glowing desire for Tosca.”

Daniel Url, The Operatic Musicologist

11.2005 Staatsoper im Schillertheater